Though Aarushi does not go regularly to Kriya as she has joined basketball classes, she fondly remembers her Saurabh Sir and teachers. She was very excited to go to Kriya today and enjoyed a lot.

Kaveri Singh - Parent

Both me and my daughters have fond memories of Kriya. Kriya was the first ever class for my girls after our relocation to India. I was particularly worried abt Divyanshi, who hated site of strangers. Here she spent some amazing time. She was given her time to open up n what a mile achieved. I found most amazing friends while waiting outside Kriya. Its been 3.5 strong years. Divyanshi n Shristi have always enjoyed all the activities. From reading, playing, posing, singing to everything else. The efforts taken to make learning process is commendable. Power packed, super charged n enriching. Saurabh your seamless energy is for sure contagious. All in all, like all other camps, today’s camp have been special n fun filled too. Best wishes Kriya and thank you

Manisha Bachawat - Parent

My daughter has become more of a veteran in Kriya. She has always enjoyed all her activities there, from camps to her regular Zumba class and Piano class which she refuses to quit. The unadulterated fun that they have there is responsible for this and kudos to team Kriya for achieving this feat of keeping children interested. My younger son even in the morning hours want to go to Kriya intstead of his regular play school. And for me as a parent, the 7th birthday party of Pritha which was hosted there was a joy, its a joy to watch my children enjoy everyday. And ita s great visual pleasure to see the photographs of the daily classes and camps held there. They are a riot of colours and express the fun times the children have very aptly. I also adore all the well thought out props used in these theme parties and camps.Saurabh really goes all out and its totally commendable.

Piyalee Dash Sharma - Parent

Its been a wonderful day out today for Juhi though she would be turning 9 and must be one of the bigger ones. Its very difficult to get out the best memory from her as I guess she loves it all.. the colours, the freedom, the attention, the camps. But for the family we all would agree that it was the Birthday Party.. that remains the most vivid memory made so successful that even the friends and parents still remember Juhi’s eighth birthday party fondly.

Uma Nair - Parent

I was apprehensive when i first thought of taking my daughter Myra for classes to Kriya.. I knew that babies absorb from the moment they are born literally but somewhere i kept wondering …is there really any need for me to take her ? How much of a difference can it make ?!….The changes that i saw in her in the next 5 months proved me wrong completely and how !.. I saw her learn how to clap when the music session would start..actually play basketball by placing the ball in the hoop over and over again.. understand and learn the concept of dancing to music and so on….I saw her develop a liking and interest for activities she would not like earlier such as book reading or playing with paint or dough…She has transformed from a clingy baby into an independent and curious toddler and i cannot Thank Kriya enough for that ! As a mother i am immensely comforted knowing where my child’s interests lie at such an early stage so they they can be developed further..At only 14 months she completely enjoys herself at Kriya and has a ball every class ! The kind of exposure she has received , in terms of the toys , the various themes, the physical activiites ,the musical instruments, the songs in various languages and the lovely bunch of other babies and mums who she has been around etc etc is something i would never have been able to give her had it not been for Kriya..The love and passion seen in the staff at Kriya Kriya Café, and Saurabh Rungta, seems unmatched by any other place in the city to me .It is so heartwarming to know that your child is playing in a safe , colourful, positive and happy environment . As a mother you cant ask for more ! I have many favourite memories of Myra at Kriya , the most recent one being when she shook her head and very adamantly said NO to me when i told her that it was time to go home after the children’s day camp  Congratulations on completing 10 years ! All the best for the future

Anisha Singh Motwani - Parent

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate @Kriya Cafe as it celebrates its 10th yr….Kriya has always been synonymous with fun for my elder daughter, Aanya.. She has attended classes and quite a few camps thr .. She is extremely fond of @ Saurabh Rungta Uncle and her most memorable Kriya moment would undoubtedly be the “Eric Carle Camp” and how the story of the Hungry Caterpillar was narrated thr.. This time ( the Childrens’ Day Camp ) was very special since it was my younger daughter’s 1st camp ever n she enjoyed every minute of it! I have attended Zumba classes @ Kriya n hv had a blast myself!! All the best @ Kriya and @ Saurabh Rungta for a brighter future.

Smitha Grover - Parent

I landed at Kriya by chance. It was one of those beautiful pictures of a friend’s son at Kriya Tots that made me decide to bring my daughter Ashlesha here. And now after 6 months I am glad and proud that she is a part of this family. All my doubts and apprehensions were put to rest the moment I had walked in through that door. The colourful and positive environment was enough to understand that I had come to the right place. I was impressed beyond words. With each and every class I was getting more and more confident of my decision. Every class was different. Every class was addictive. The themes, the decor, every time I had walked into a class, I was left mesmerized. It was so heartening to witness the positive development my daughter was growing through at Kriya. And it is also very reassuring for a protective mother like me to know that my daughter is not only learning and developing new skills here, she is also loved. The passion with which the Kriya team and Saurabh manage each and every class and camp will leave anyone astonished. The time, effort, thought and energy put into the classes speak volumes about why Kriya is unparallel. Thank you Kriya and thank you Saurabh for all that you do for our babies. Congratulations on completing a decade!!! Wish you all the good luck for the future.

Arundhuti Rama - Parent

Kriya has been part of our lives for last 8 months…a new craft, a new theme, a new toy and a new story to tell each day…kids have a super time…its a joy to watch kids come out gleaming with joy after a fun filled session. Our city has a dearth of outdoor and indoor facilities for kids…the infrastructure at kriya fills that gap.. Thank u for giving a safe and fun place for the kids to enjoy…and taking care of them so well.

Pooja Narang Menon - Parent

Sitting down one day to make a collage of my daughter’s best pictures, I realized that more than 80% of them were of her at Kriya Studio  No surprise actually- Kriya is where Sunayani has spent some of her most enjoyable & beneficial moments. My initial concerns around her extreme shyness were allayed after her first week of summer camps last year. She has been attending Kriya camps & music classes regularly ever since, and her social & learning skills have vastly improved, something that even her school teacher vouches for. The mind-boggling range of activities & toys on offer as well as the wonderful staff, all contribute to making Kriya THE ideal place for fun along with learning for kids of all ages. Favorite memory? No single moment- just the joy of watching my daughter emerge from her shell, sing, dance, play & blossom day by day. For that, thanks always Kriya & Saurabh.

Sunipa Bhattacharya - Parent

Somewhere deep within, I am glad that Myra’s first real interaction with the outside world has not been the stereotypical one but one where she witnesses that possibilities in life are endless and without boundaries as displayed by Kriya !

Anisha Singh Motwani - Parent