Kriya Tots


Kriya Tots 

( 6 months to 18 months) – 


Join us in playing in a clean, safe, soft world full of music and delightfully tempting new things for your child to discover.

This baby class inspires movement through play, ramps, mats, tunnels and bubbles. Sing along with our instructors to classics and contemporary songs while your child moves along.

Our interactive indoor play area provides with a sense of community in a modern, safe and clean environment where they can play, learn, and have fun, in the heart of the city.

As your child grows and starts absorbing the outside world, every mother looks for a safe , hygienic and vibrant environment for her child to be free and enhance his physical , sensory and social development.. Kriya Tots is the class for the your baby’s first interaction with the outside world and more importantly with babies similar to his age.


Physical Development : Physical development and movement is encouraged and enhanced by the involvement of mats, ramps , tunnels slides. swings and a lot more .

Sensory developement : The wide range of toys and other fun activities ensure the all round sensory development of your child. Kriya Tots allows your child to touch, feel and play with a wide variety of objects providing him with a huge exposure to different textures and sounds.

Aesthetic Development : Regular exposure to music,dance, books and paintings is not only fun for the child and the mom but also develops his creative and aesthetic sense from an early age.

Social Development : With families today opting for having only one child , the concept of sharing and playing with other children is lost.Most of us grew up playing with our siblings but today that is a rarity . At Kriya your child gets the exposure of playing with other similar aged children and is able to develop his social skills much earlier in life.

Check photos and videos from our classes to see the kids in action.

One hour sessions twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays or Wednesdays and Fridays ( 5.15 pm to 6.15 pm ), the babies along with their moms engage in a class full of fun and discovery. While the child is discovering the various elements that constitute the space around him , the mother discovers where exactly the interests of her child lies.

Drop by before the class to check out the child -safe infrastructure, age appropriate proprietary music and meet the trained care givers by booking an appointment on 9830379166.


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