Kriya Kids

Kriya Kids is an innovative and new concept in the field of teaching kids. These classes are one of its kind in the city where children are taught in a playful manner after school. The activities help the child perform better in school. Our activities will help in the overall development of the child.

In todays times where nuclear families are the norm and both parents are working, the child’s exposure to the outer world is quite limited. Being one of thirty to forty kids in the school classroom leaves the child feeling lost. Kriya Kids gives your child a wonderful learning experience with personal care, attention and activities that are designed to delight the child while learning is taking place.

Children have hands on learning experience at Kriya Kids where all the activities are specially designed by our qualified teachers keeping in mind the interests and creative urges of the children.

As a mom you want to be sure that you’re doing all the right things for your angel. Is he eating right? Is he sleeping right? Is he playing right? Playing right? Yes you want to know if he’s playing right.Not like theres a wrong way to play but a program that guides the childs in a mix of activities that are play to the child and mental nutrition for you is what you’ve always wanted. Or will want once you know how much your child is to benefit from an overall guided structure to meet age appropriate brain development needs.

Your toddler at 12-24 months.: He’s thirsty for language as his brain starts processing words and he makes his first attempts at communication.Muscle coordination is developing as he starts trying to move independently.Memory begins to form as he can now start retaining and imitating what he has ben taught. And tantrums take place as he experiences frustration at his inability to understand and control strong emotions.

The 12-24 months programe has activities that are designed to meet primary needs of this period.
Storytelling and songs quench his thirst for Language.Physical activities like dance, indoor sports ,physical games help him vent his energy constructively,while giving ground for muscular coordination and large motor skill deveopment. Activities that use repetition of actions and visuals impact memory development positively. Toys that inculcate a variety of needed skills at this age further strenghten pathways in the brain.Plus theres stuff that’s just plain fun and entertainment so that the little twinkle never leaves his eye!Hameirah