Birthday Parties


“Real Birthdays are not annual affairs, real Birthdays are the days when we have a new birth ” — Ralph Parlette.

And Real Birthday celebrations are only witnessed at KRIYA STUDIO , where the birthday festivities take on a new meaning with out of the box themes, amazing activities and finger licking food. Birthday, the most special day in the life of your child! You could do it the old fashioned way, bake a cake, buy ice cream,make a punch,


Birthday, the most special day in the life of your child! You could do it the old fashioned way, bake a cake, buy ice cream,make a punch, set a festive table and put up a pinata. Or you could have your little one’s party away from home and combine good food, fun activities for a memorable occation , not to mention a stress free mom and dad.


Celebrating your child’s birthday at Kriya Studio translates into Fun, Great music, Limitless energy, Non stop play, lasting memories ! There are many themes to choose from or you can have your own theme. Children are not only engaged in colourful carnival games to cheer up and get into the mood for a rocking party but they can pump it up with high energy Zumba for a complete fun workout with great music and pscedylic lights on the dance floor. 3d movies with popcorn is any kid’s dream activity that too on a birthday party !! If you thought that’s all, wait till you read on how kids rustle up some yummy treats and exotic drinks along with their freinds and have a hands on cooking experience with the help of our staff. Now that for sure makes you a proud parent ! Fun is not fun till it turns crazy fun. And to help it turn crazy, there’s a photo corner where the birthday boy/girl and the gang tries on awesome props and get themselves clicked to take home precious memories , they will cherish for years to come.



And the price at Kriya cannot be beat! Its oh so affordable !! Just imagine how it is to have a birthday party where kids have total attention of the staff , get to run around, dance and literally have a ball ! There is even a pet turtle that the children get to learn about and hang with !! Now that’s what you’ll call a hidden treasure !!


As the kids are taken care of, parents just sit back and catch up with friends and relatives and behold the fantastic sight of having their kids break into giggles and uninhibited laughter. We assure you that the day is made to be special for your child. So what are you waiting for? Gather and share your joy , your happiest moment with fun and merriment only at KRIYA STUDIO and thank almighty for a brighter year ahead for the sunshine of your life, your little darling !!

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